Sunday, 1 August 2010

We're all going on a ....

...Summer Holiday!!  Or getting back as the case might be!  Not sure that the St Swithins Day experiment will fully work if I've been in a different county for a week but never mind, we'll carry on regardless!

So, a week in West Cornwall.  Stuck in horrendous traffic on the way there (& the way back for that matter) & the weather didn't bode well - rain & fog.  We couldn't see the sea from the house - & it's right on the coast!

Sunday didn't start out too hopeful, but was glorious sunshine by the afternoon - necessitating a walk down to the beach (where Nikki decided to attack every dog he saw!)
Monday was similar (although not as hot) & although the kids weren't the best behaved, we did discover completely by chance the Godolphin estate which is really nice.

Tuesday - cloudy, but warm.  Off to Paradise Park in Hayle, which is absolutely fantastic - so many different birds & we got to feed Lorikeets too - they just come & sit on your hand!

Wednesday - into Truro.  Another cloudy day with threatened rain.  hohum....

Thursday - fabulous weather, brilliant blue sky & blazing sunshine.  Off to Lands End (after visiting the Merry Maidens, where Nikki insisted on touching every stone) for the RNLI/Navy open day & air/sea rescue demonstration.  Loved every minute of it.  The boys were thrilled at getting to sit in a fire engine, & they loved the demo!  Nikki got agitated in the queue for the 4D film but fell asleep pretty much as soon as we got in there - how he could sleep through being sprayed with water & buffeted about I have no idea!

Friday - last day, boo.  Went to St Michaels Mount, which we've been meaning to do for years. It's quite a climb up to the castle, but well worth it!  Weather was again iffy but  no true downpour.  We also discovered another circle which we'll have to investigate properly next time (as the kids were asleep in the car & it's quite a way from the road)

Saturday - well, as I said earlier, we managed to get stuck in horrendous traffic again.  Weather - hot & humid & by the time we got back to Pembs, it was well & truely raining....  Been nice today tho.....

Right, now to work out how to put pictures in my posts....

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