Saturday, 7 August 2010

Ooh - how exciting!

Since I discovered how to add a count-thingumyjiggy to my blog (technical term, ya know!!) I've had 23 people come by & now have 2 followers!  And I feel that my blog's so boring - especially compared with the likes of Slightly South of Sanity.  The delightful lady who has that blog makes me howl! 

Anyhoo - a big shout out to everyone who's taken to stopping by!!

Right - today, I thought I'd introduce you to my cats.  I have 3 of them (I did have 4 but my gorgeous Madwam (real name Heidi) died a couple of years ago ) 

I've got Tyla - a big ginger tom, named after the singer from the Dogs D'amour.  He's a big bruiser, not afraid of taking on all-comers but when it comes to humans, unless I've invited them into the house, he doesn't want to know.  Probably cos the poor love was beaten up by some "kind" human when he was a kitten.

Then I've got his brother Doodah (I didn't name him - that was my ex-boyfriend!) They're litter-mates & they've got very similar markings, but Dude's tabby.  He's another bruiser.  The pair of them are the Mitchell brothers of the cat world!  Mind you, they're getting on a bit now - 14 & they are starting to lose the occasional bout...

Finally, I have (or should I say my hubby has) Razzle (named after the dead drummer from Hanoi Rocks)  She's a tiny little black & white kitty (with small cat syndrome!) who we found in a cage in a pet shop with poo on her tail.  We couldn't leave her there, so she came home with us (expensive bloody stanley knife she was - that's what we'd gone out to buy & had only popped in to the pet shop to price up catflaps!!  ah well, she's adorable, if rather stand-offish!!)

Right, nothing really to report from here today.  The youngest monkey has really hit the mardy terrible two's and spent quite a bit of time this afternoon screaming at me.  The rest of them spent today slumped in front of the tv (lazy Mummy I am!!)  that's about it. 

As for the weather - rainy this morning (on & off) cheered up a bit this afternoon....


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