Monday, 23 August 2010

"Don't worry, it'll be alright"

That was the comment from the lovely lady who sorted out my change of circumstance form today....  I "know" it will, but it's still hard to face homelessness when you look into the eyes of your kids who trust you to look after them.....

So now we've got to hope that a) the form gets processed quickly & b) something lovely comes up because I really would like a house in a nice area (although if it came down to it, of course I'd take a house in a rubbish area - my kids need somewhere to live...)

So lots of vibes needed please people...

Right, weather (I think tomorrow's the last day - must check)  chucking it down this morning but ended up glorious by this afternoon (& now of course the sun's blazing through the baby's bedroom window, so he's not going to sleep.... hmmph)

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