Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday 13th madness...

first of all, the baby kept me awake from 3am-ish.  (partly my own fault because I completely forgot in my 3/4 asleep state that I wasn't breastfeeding him at night anymore & started lifting my top up for him, which of course upset & frustrated him...)

then, I had a job interview today, but because I have no passport & couldn't find my birth certificate, they wouldn't interview me (I took my driving licence & other forms of id but nada....)

And we found a tick on the baby this morning - grrr..... I think they're all coming from the extension as I'm decluttering in there & there are tons of fleas (itch itch itch....)  We don't use the extension as anything other than a junk room in case anyone thinks I'm being a particularly slack housewife.... lol!!

Had a Lush delivery yesterday.  I'd cheekily put in a request for samples of 2 products & ended up with samples of 4 products - yay!!!  and am hoping that the babybot bath bomb I ordered puts the baby to sleep!!!

Weather report - yesterday was glorious & today, although slightly drizzly ended up lovely too!

off to eat pizza & chocolate (but not at the same time!)

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