Tuesday, 3 August 2010

So, the landlord

came round to collect his rent (Sunday, first of the month - huge shock, it's normally something like the 20th!!) & was all prepared to leave without mentioning the issues we have....  Finally mumbled something about getting it sorted on Wednesday.

Today, he came round with his brother (in law? cousin?  who knows) who faffed looking at everything AGAIN & went off mumbling about "trying to get something sorted out"  TRY to get something sorted out?  you blimming well WILL get it sorted out....  Sooooo how long to leave it till I call the HSE/environmental health....

Anyway, job interview today.  No idea what to think of it, lots of questions about teaching etc (this is for a reception/admin role) but we'll see what we see...

As for the weather - hot hot hot again (but overcast)  how many days after St Swithins is it now?  totally lost track!!

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