Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Good Grief...

Well, first off, the baby only took 4 minutes to settle last night, then slept till nearly 5, had a drink of water & didn't wake up again till gone 7.30!!!  Yay baby!

Secondly, the plumber returned (eventually, at around 1pm after 2 phone calls by environmental health to the landlord & me sending the landlord very irate texts) apparently the leaking was caused by the trap under the bath not being properly sealed, so that's sorted... as for the saniflo not working properly, he's sorted the blockage but I'm not convinced he's actually been inside the unit (the small puddle on the top of it that's still there tends to give it away) but at least we have a (semi) working toilet again.... (till the next time it breaks down!)

Carpet needs replacing as it's absolutely sodden but bet I end up having to blot it with towels & get the hairdryer on it, as landlord not replied to my text enquiring about it....

Thirdly (& scarily) I have an interview with Marks & Spencer on Friday morning.... aaarrgghh!!  I only just completed the online application tonight!  Working in Cafe Revive....  fingers crossed cos it would be perfect training for running my own little teashop...

OK, the weather - chucked it down this morning, glorious this afternoon.

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  1. Ooh good luck with the interview my lovely- will be thinking of you xxx