Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Fantastic Day

We've had visitors from "home" today.  (I say "home" because I mean Nottingham, which is obviously hubby's home town (almost) but with me being a North-East lass, it's clearly not mine, despite living there for 11 years)

Anyway, some friends came down on holiday, so we took them out to Clerkenhill Adventure Farm today.  Our boys loved it, their boys loved it, us 'grown-ups' got to catch up (been years since we last saw them) & chill, we even had sunshine!! All in all, a good time was had by all...  Hoping they come down again more often - missed them!

Then I had a really good pole dance class this evening - I managed to get the reverse-grab down.  I've been struggling with that one for weeks - just couldn't quite get the hang of it, then it suddenly all clicked tonight & now I love it!!  Also started learning a new trick - the 'toothbrush'  and Jamie (instructor) has taken my inverts up a level - I'm now working towards getting the 'scorpion' and another one whose name escapes me right this moment (but it's really pretty!!)
(oh also working on some stuff I just can't get the hang of at all, but we'll not think about those just now!)

I really, really love days like today! :-)

(Oh & as I already mentioned, we've had glorious sunshine today!!)

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