Monday, 7 January 2013

Worlds quickest game of monopoly...

Monopoly out & set up, youngest child has temper tantrum, youngest child has warning, youngest child rolls dice, I move our piece, youngest child has another temper tantrum, monopoly put away!!!

It took longer to get it set up than the time we spent "playing" it!!

Anyway, yesterdays to do list is all completed other than cleaning the kitchen window, which I'll move to another day.

I'll put pics up as soon as I can (they're all ready to go - but blogspots being daft!)

Tomorrow, I have to admit I'm not very likely to get anything done as I never seem to get anything done when me & him are both off work together (well, he's off, I don't start till 3).  Although he is taking the boys to the hairdresser at some point so we'll see what we see.

So, to do....

Change beds (inc turning mattresses)
Take rubbish out of bedrooms
Declutter top of drawers
Tidy bedside drawers

Doesn't sound a lot - but there are 5 beds to change plus you haven't seen the state of my bedroom!  It's going to take several sessions in there!

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