Monday, 14 January 2013

It's Monday!

Good morning!  How are we all?

I'm fine & dandy, thank you - even more so because unlike the majority of the country, my little corner of the world is snow-free!  Yay!
Mind you, having said that - I've seen pics up on Facebook & there actually doesn't seem to be that much about - just a light dusting in most places.  Enough for chaos to start threatening of course ;p

Tell you what - I'm loving this being child-free during the day malarky - home by 8.45 (would have been sooner but I went to pay the paper bill) & my to-do list completed by 11.30! (of course it is a different story when I'm working an early shift - but then I just shift my to do list  to the afternoon & resign myself to the fact it'll take longer cos I've got my little cherubs "helping" or not!)

So today, other than paying the paper bill I've done the following

Dishwasher emptied, filter cleaned, dishwasher back on
Load of laundry washed & drying as I type
Kitchen worktop cleared
Living room tidied & swept
Bathroom tidied & rubbish removed
Bathroom windows & window sills cleaned
Bathroom mirror cleaned
Bath & basin cleaned (& the plughole cleared of hair - yuck)
Toilet & tiles round the toilet cleaned.

Lunchtime now & omelette calling me!  Work later, then I'm going to wash the shower curtain when I get in from work.

Have a lovely day people & stay warm! xx

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