Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My baby isn't a baby anymore

My youngest little cherub (ok - that's a slight exaggeration!) starts school full-time tomorrow.
I've been reminding him for the past week that he didn't go back today when his brothers went back, but, yep, this morning we had a moment which nearly ended in temper tantrum when I took his brothers to school but he stayed at home with Daddy.....

End of one era, start of another - will my house finally be tidy?

Speaking of tidy, today I've managed to

Declutter/polish my dresser

Clear/clean the sofa (it's a magnet for so much rubbish!)


After (the piles in front have come from between the seats - yuk!)
Tidy the area in front of the cd shelves



Clear the mantlepiece.

Tomorrow, I aim to

Do the normal day-to-day stuff (make beds, empty dishwasher, wipe over worktop)
Clear, sweep & mop the downstairs floor
Clear & organise the shelf unit in the kitchen
Pay the rent, council tax & catalogue bill

I may also have to organise a repair on my oven (or even a new cooker) as mine seems to have exploded today...... (taking out half the electricity supply with it!)

Then I think I'll give myself a day off on Friday!

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