Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year

Hello - I'm back!  I know, I know - you haven't missed me!  But I'm back anyway.  (And I hope you've all managed to find me seeing as how I've changed my URL)

Hope you've all had a lovely Yule/Christmas & a great New Year.

It's tidy-up time after the festivities here in the Draper household.  And boy does it need it....  I've been under the weather the past few weeks & if I haven't had to go to work I haven't been out of my onesie, never mind tidying.....  It's been as much as I could do to sort the dishwasher out.

But thankfully I feel a lot better today, if still slightly fuzzy (& touch wood I'm actually on the mend as there's been a few  times I've thought I was getting better only to be worse the next day...)
I have to admit to not doing a great deal other than 2 loads of laundry & the dishwasher but at least I'm dressed today!  It's a start!

The place really is a disgrace - my lovely Mammy would have had words when I was a teenager (& not pleasant ones either!)  so I really really need to get off my butt.

Thankfully the kids go back to school next Weds/Thurs (depending on the child) - they seem to have been off forever!  And my little Nikki starts full-time!  So that gives me chance to a) start using the Alethea Austin stretch DVD that I bought off my dance teacher & b) make some progress (hopefully) on this place.

I'm also hoping to actually blog a lot more often - partly because (theoretically) I'll have more time & partly because I know I was a lot better at pulling my finger out & getting on with housework when I was involved with forum-land - specifically the Flylady forum...  mainly because I was "answering" to someone!

So I figure if I start posting on here what I hope to achieve the following day, then when I come to do that days post, I can update where I've got up to before posting my next days to-do list (if that makes sense?)

And if anyone wants to start joining in by adding their to-do lists, then feel free!

So here's tomorrow's vague plan of action

Find Nikki's lunchbox (it's somewhere in my bedroom - I may need to call for a search party!)
Clear the rubbish off the kitchen worktop
Clean microwave
Wipe over kitchen cupboard doors
Clear out under sink cupboard
Clean kitchen window
Tidy top of fridge & freezer.

I may even have a play about with the layout on here!

Over to you - what do you have planned for tomorrow?

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