Saturday, 19 January 2013


So, here we are again - it's January, it's snowing & the entire country's gone mad as if this were a complete novelty...

Hellooooo?  I'm pretty sure that winter happens every year in the UK - you know, freezing temperatures, ice & snow?  Yet every winter, people seem to be surprised by it..... And I wouldn't mind so much, but in most places it's not even that deep!! (Yes, there are places where it really is bad, so if you happen to live in one of those places, fair enough, but the rest of Britain, come on!!)

Round here, the weather reports have been warning us for the past week that it's coming- even down to the day it was expected to arrive & it's been pretty much the sole topic of conversation (even down to people lying about it snowing - apparently my village had snow before everyone else!!)  yet did the council bother going out to grit?  Nope....  So when the snow arrived as expected, the roads weren't the greatest to drive on.... (and we're only talking about an inch or so of snow - not feet!!!)

And strangely, while I can understand people panic-buying food, I really can't get my head round panic-buying petrol!!!  I went to buy petrol the other night (cos otherwise I wouldn't have got home) and the petrol station was full!!  Surely if you think the snow's going to be bad then you're not going to be going anywhere anyway?)

People are strange!

Anyway - if you're a fan of snow - go enjoy playing in it; if you're like me & much prefer looking at it (for a brief period of time) than being out in it, stay warm!!

Have a good weekend everyone xx

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