Saturday, 5 November 2011

Organising tips

So in the spirit of trying to be less complete slattern & more Domestic Goddess (like that's EVER going to happen!!)  I've borrowed a whole load of organising tips from the lovely Damsels....

1) Divide the day into hourly slots.  (use a diary!) slot in the important stuff (work, appointments etc) then use the remaining time slots to book in the housework.

2) Meal plan & do grocery shopping online.
     -have a list of what's in the freezer/cupboards
     - list meals that get eaten regularly (including recipe info if necessary)
     - have a list of "future" shopping to write things as they get low.

3) Wash up after every meal (guess I need to go wash the dishes now!!)

4) Set up present/card file - wrapping paper, sellotape, cards, stamps etc... (use the Ikea carrier bag recycling container...) 

5) Deal with paperwork as it comes in (although another tip is to put all post in file & deal with it once a week - I'll try both & see which one works best for me)

6) Leave the washing out on the line till it's dry.  (although how that's going to work in winter I'm not sure...)  Another washing tip was to just do it all once a week, although I think that's one that would only work if you had a dryer, which I don't...)

7) Premake sandwiches for lunch & freeze.  Take out night before.

Soooo, I'm hoping that these tips will help me.  Of course I've also got my babysteps written in my diary to be added every 3 weeks.  I WILL get this place under control!!!

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