Friday, 25 November 2011

The joys of potty training (could this be the most boring post in history?)

So now my youngest is 3, I figured that I've really got to stop being lazy & get on with getting him out of nappies & into pants...

So, this time last week I bit the bullet & put pants on him....  Cue lots of wet pants & no wees in the potty...

The first time he did a wee in the potty (which was completely through sheer luck, I'm convinced of it) prompted celebrations totally out of proportion to the actual act!! 

And still we had more wees "in the wrong place" (ie his pants & on the floor) than "the right place" (the potty)  buuut - he was able to tell me that he'd wee'd & that it was in the wrong place - result!!!

Then yesterday, he did a wee when asked to - & his little face lit up! He was so proud that he'd done it in the right place bless him!!

Which brings us to today - he's actually asking to go for a wee!!!  Hoo-fecking-ray!!!  Even though it does mean that I'm up & down like a whores drawers!!  I'm so hoping that we've cracked it with wee's!

BUT (& yes, there had to be a but) he doesn't seem to want to poo in the potty...  well he doesn't actually mind pooing in the potty - but if he does it's more luck than judgement (usually prompted by the eldest shouting "Mummy, Nikki's taken his pants off & now he's going to do a poo on the floor" leading me to run like a fecking mad woman to get him on the potty in time...)  He won't actually tell me that he needs a poo - which is leading to a lot of accidents & pants needing rinsing out before being flung in the washing machine....  gah...

Ah well - I've got nearly 7 weeks to get him to figure it out before he starts school!!!

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