Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Mabu multi cloths to be precise.

Mabu® Multi Cloths

These cloths are made from 100% biodegradable WOOD - yep, it's true.  But as the packaging says, once the starch has been rinsed out, it's hard to believe that this lovely soft, thick dishcloth is made from wood.

I bought some a few months ago from Waitrose, moved house & promptly forgot about them (you know what it's like when you move house - everything is in boxes & things get lost!)  I've rediscovered them & you know what?  I'm never using another make of dishcloth again!!  They do what it says on the packaging & rinse clean - they don't smell, even after washing up the smelliest of dishes & they are highly absorbent. 

There are many many uses on the website for them, including bathing babies or as a make-up removing cloth & yep, I'd happily use them for both those purposes, they are that soft!

I highly recommend them - they are soooo good!

As I already said, you can get them from Waitrose, but for those of us nowhere near a Waitrose (I'm one - we were in Newark visiting family at the time) you can also get them from Lakeland.

Try them - they're fantastic!

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