Sunday, 27 November 2011

Cutting the cost of shopping...

So, today I was going to post about HabitHacker, but then I came across an article about Extreme Couponing...  (I promise, I'll come back to HabitHacker).

And we all love a good bargain don't we?  I have to admit that despite it being a Mail on Sunday article, I was quite intrigued..  I'm constantly skint, so I'd love to be able to cut the cost of my shopping...  (if I can halve the cost of my shopping I'll be very impressed!)

My main problem is getting vouchers (usually at the checkout with my receipt) then forgetting to actually use them...  So I really need to start remembering them!  But reading this article, it does seem that it would be more productive (cost-cutting) for me to find online vouchers & do my shopping online...

Tips include using price-comparison websites when making your shopping list in order to work out which shops you should be buying which items & using voucher websites in order to find money-off vouchers & codes for your shopping.

When you consider that one woman quoted in the article got £155 worth of shopping for £99 & over in America, "extreme couponers" make even more savings (£148 worth of shopping for just £4.45!!!) it's definitely worth a little bit of extra work...

I'm going to be starting with these sites:

then I'll start googling for even more sites & offers!!

Happy shopping everyone! xx

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  1. So wish I could coupon here!!! We NEVER have offers and they don't tend to do ORANGE stickers either :-(