Thursday, 15 July 2010

St Swithins Day

Well, here we go. It's been a long time since I kept a diary (getting on for 12 years actually)

I've just not felt the need at all. I'm not a teenager full of angst & I've just not had time to be scribbling (well I probably have had but I've filled that time with other stuff!)

But lately I've been starting to feel the pull towards writing about things that have happened and St Swithins day seemed like a good time to start.

So, allegedly, whatever the weather is like on St Swithins day, that's how it will remain for the next 40 days.... So let's keep tabs on it shall we?

Today in Pembrokeshire, it started off overcast with a bit of drizzle. Turned sunny towards the early afternoon (so I put the washing out... big mistake) By the time I was on the way back from picking the boys up it was absolutely hoofing it down (see why it was a big mistake?!)

So is it going to be sunny for the next 40 days, raining or just plain changeable?

I guess we'll have to wait & see!

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