Monday, 19 July 2010

Schools Out For Summer!!

So that's it - the eldest 2 have broken up for the next 6 weeks...  Let the chaos commence!

Weather-wise, it's day 4 & it's been overcast with on/off showers all day....  According to Len, the guru of weather predictions here in Pembrokeshire, it's going to rain tomorrow as well....

Still waiting for the landlord to ring.  They've managed to cash the rent check of course....  And now, along with the saniflow system spurting foul-smelling liquid out of the basin, the unit's started to leak.  Great.

On a more positive note, the estate agent dealing with the sale of our house rang to let me know we have a potential buyer....  He knows the house needs work, is quite prepared for that & is just waiting to see if he can get a mortgage.  If he can he is likely to put in an offer apparently.... Please Goddess let it happen!!!

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