Saturday, 17 July 2010

"Mummy, why do we have elbows?"

That was the question posed by my second-eldest in the middle of Tesco!!  When told it was so we could bend our arms, he replied "Oh yeah" in such a funny tone of voice (oh yeah, of course it is, silly me!) that we couldn't help laughing at him - a lot!!!

Anyway.  It's Day Two.  The weather has been absolutely wonderful all day (bit windy, mind) despite Len our local weatherman saying it was going to be raining this afternoon.....  He rarely gets it right, bless him!

Still waiting for the landlord to call back...  I'm not holding my breath that he'll call at a reasonable hour....

Ah well.  Steak with philedelphia sauce served with potato rosti for dinner & I think I'll watch Angels & Demons as well.

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