Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Still drowning in paperwork...

So decided I should actually try to do something about this paper clutter... (motivated by finding something that should have been sent off weeks ago - oops)

So today I've updated my address details for my driving license, started my self-assessment, updated my address details for my student loan account...  god it's been boring!!!  And still there's tons of rubbish to go through... sigh.

On a more interesting note, we started to do something about the back of the garden - only to discover a load of asbestos roof panels down there - aaarrrgghhh... waiting on a response from the council at present to see if they're going to come & deal with it for us...

So this was the garden before we started pulling the fence down (that rotary line isn't there anymore - it collapsed & broke in a storm!)  Before you ask - the fence was put there randomly & isn't actually at the back of the garden - which is why we were pulling it down!

 This is it at the moment - all work halted while we get the asbestos dealt with... sigh...

On a positve note - it looks like I've worked out how to post pictures!!  Yay me!

Night all!

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