Wednesday, 31 August 2011

September Goals

Somethings gone awry in the Myzzterri household....  5 people treated for headlice & bathed/showered; meal prepared/cooked from scratch; 4 people fed & watered; 4 sets of teeth brushed; 2 stories read & 4 little bodies in bed & the kitchen cleared  - And all before 7.30pm!!!  Good grief - it's almost like I'm a proper Mummy...!!!

(But it hasn't been a totally cataclysmic change - the washing's still sat on the kitchen floor & the dining room's full of Avon junk waiting to be put away/delivered....)

Anyway - September Goals.  Back on, we used to set ourselves goals that we wanted to achieve in any particular month...  Now we don't seem to have done that for some time but I feel it may be an idea if I set them for myself anyway even if I am just sharing them with the whole 6 people that read my blog!!  It could hopefully help me get to where I want to be...

So here goes..

By the end of September I would like to have:

Finished decorating the bathroom
Sorted the junk out of the dining room (I came to a halt in there - it used to be the kitchen I could never get my head round, now it's the dining room...)
Started planning for Christmas (I know, I know)

little goals but hopefully achievable....  I'll let you know how it goes!

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