Sunday, 31 July 2011

Paper, paper everywhere....

So finished surface decluttering in the kitchen (well, if you ignore the clotheshorse & laundry basket full of clothes - I'll go sort them out in a second, honest).  It's only taken me a week... (I need smiley's here so I can put an embarassed one in)  I suppose that's only just over an hour if you consider I was doing it in 10 min/day increments....  I've bought a new bin (oh the glamour!), one of those twin recycling ones, which takes up the same footprint as what we had before but is one bin instead of 2 stacked up so in practice takes up less space & is actually easier to put stuff in... (the old stacking ones are currently soaking in a bleachy bath to be recycled as toy containers for the boys - I have an exciting life!!)

Anyhoo, I've moved onto the dining room/office today.  It took 10 mins just to clear the top of the boiler & another 10 mins to clear the table - which is re-cluttered already...  Which brings me to the point.  Along with dishes, another one of my (many) weak points when it comes to being a calm, tidy, organised domestic goddess is filing (or rather the lack of it)  I have so many good intentions but alas, I can never keep up with it... and I constantly seem to have a paper mountain to deal with... (if anyone has any tips, please DO NOT send a postcard, but do feel free to comment!!!)

So the reason I've re-cluttered the table after clearing it, is I'm going through some of my Avon paperwork & attempting to put that into some sort of order...  I promise that for once we'll be able to eat at the table tonight!!  (where I'm actually going to put said paperwork once I've sorted it is another matter - the stuff that's not being kept is obvious - it's the stuff that needs filing that's stumping me!!!)

Anyway, ciao for now!!

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  1. Hi - I've just started to follow your blog :-)

    My tip for paper is that you have to keep on top of it because it just keeps on coming, every day! So every day I have a time when I go through the post/school letters etc and read/file/shred/recycle them.

    It's not fun at all - I love organising, but paper is my nemesis!