Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sorting the garden

You may or may not remember me posting about finding a load of crap at the back of the garden just after we moved in last year (& the resultant battle to get the council to come & remove it).

Well, we did eventually get them to come & shift it - however, although they took the asbestos & the surface rubbish, they were apparently not allowed to remove anything under the surface, even though sheets of corrugated metal could be seen sticking out from under the soil...

I've finally got round to getting out there to start sorting it this afternoon - my good god.....

In one small section we've removed half a barrel (well & truely rusted away - I wouldn't be surprised if it had been whole when it was buried), several sheets of said corrugated metal, loads of bricks & a scary amount of broken glass (it looks like at least one flaming window's been buried out there...)  There was also an external tv aerial and the door from a kitchen cabinet.... (oh & we found a toad as well!!)

Why would anyone bury that stuff, rather than take it to the tip or getting the council to come & take it away??

No wonder they'd put a fence in front of it.....

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