Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Catching up...

I might have been full of the joys of spring last time we met, but golly gosh,it's bloody cold today!!
And what have I been up to since last time?  Well, whilst other people across the country were panic-buying fuel, I was panic-washing laundry....  yep, that's right.  During that brief but glorious hot spell that we had, I was catching up on all my winter  build-up of clothes.  3 loads per day I was getting done.  Which I know sounds a hell of a lot, but there are 6 of us remember & I don't possess a tumble dryer, so during winter &/or wet weather, I can't actually do a lot of washing, cos I've got to wait for it all to be dried on clothes horses/radiators...
The only problem with doing all this washing is that now I've got nowhere to put anything!!

But I'm glad I did get pretty much all caught up cos we've gone back to winter.  Snowing in fact!  Thankfully not as bad as Scotland & Northumbria, but still!!!

What else have I been doing?  DS3 turned 5 on April Fools Day (explains an awful lot about him, that does!) so I've been making mountains of cupcakes for his party that he had..  (delicious, even if I do say so myself!)

And due to the problem of lack of clothing storage, I've started decluttering it all...  I now have mounds of clothes to take to nursery & a shedload of nappies to sell and Freecycle....

hohum, what an exciting life I lead!!!

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