Saturday, 10 March 2012

Children are strange

now while I'm pretty sure there are stranger out there than mine, (please tell me there are!!) on the weird front mine are up there with the best of them.

Take today for example...  My delightful darlings are playing at being waiters and DS1 had taken an order for roast octopus from me (ok, that might be a little hint at where they get their strangeness from!)
DS2 piped up that he wanted a roast octopus & salad sandwich....  All good, right? 

Cue a couple of minutes later when DS2 is sobbing uncontrollably...  I ask him what's wrong, only to find out he's this upset because DS1 didn't put octopus in his sandwich......  How he can tell these things from an imaginary plate, I have absolutely no idea, but DS1 had to correct the error!!!

They get nuttier!!!

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