Sunday, 5 February 2012

At last, at long last!!

I have been scouring Ebay/the local car dealers/free papers for a good couple of years, looking for a Volkswagon Caravelle....

I've wanted one for years...  Firstly, so I could go to gigs knowing that all I had to do was chuck a mattress in the back on top of the seats & voila, a handy place to sleep (mind you, the fact that when I was going to all these gigs, I couldn't actually drive was just a small sticking point)

Secondly (& probably more importantly) I seem to have a miniature tribe of small boys....  I'm still not entirely sure where they actually came from....  Anyway, said small boys were getting a tad cramped in the back of the Zafira that we were transporting them in....  and there's nowhere to put the vast quantities of food needed to feed a small tribe in a Zafira once all the seats are up....  ignore the adverts - they lie I tell you....

Anyway, we've finally got one!!!  I am so chuffed.  Yes it's old but it's got virtually no mileage (unlike vans that were a good 10 years younger than ours with 200K + more mileage.....) and it's in really really good condition.

And the boot space!!!  My good grief!  We could do our shopping for several months & still have space to spare!  And if we suddenly decide to move house (not that that's likely to happen, barring a lottery win) we could just take the back seats out & put stuff in the back - ok, it would take several runs but we wouldn't need to hire a van!

On the downside of course (there always is one, isn't there) I think it's going to cost us a bomb in fuel..... 

But do I care at the moment?  Nope!

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