Saturday, 31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011/Hello 2012!!

Well, here we stand on the verge of a new year.  The sun's gone down, so it's officially New Years Eve!

Highlights of 2011?  Moving to this house & seeing Motley Crue again.

Plans/goals for 2012?

Firstly, I need to buy tickets to Download, as we've heard a rumour that Poison will be playing...  If they are it'll probably be the only chance we'll have to go see them.....

I'd quite like to go see the Olympic Flame pass through town as well...


Have at least 4 rooms decorated by the end of the year.  That gives me 3 months per room to strip & prepare the walls, then repaper (if necessary), paint, accessorise etc.  If I stop procrastinating, that's more than easily do-able...

Get a lot more organised & Domestic Goddessy about the house...  I say this every year, but I say it as a resolution, rather than a goal....  So as I've decided to set measurable (& hopefully attainable) goals I can break it down into steps on route to the holy grail of spick and span-ness... 
As I said in a previous post, I'm signed up to Habithacker (I promise I'll blog more about this in a very near post) & that does seem to be helping (having broken down the steps for me!!! )

As part of this becoming more organised thing, I aim to actually be organised & zen about next christmas.  I say every year we're going to start getting sorted for it early so it's not a mad rush & every year we don't (other than getting veggies pre-prepared & in the freezer - & that's kind of ingrained in me after 30-odd years of it!!! so it doesn't count!) 
So I'm going to start a spreadsheet of what's needed, from pressies, to decorations, to food.
I'll add on what we already have & tick off what we need as we get it.
I'll start a plan of action with deadlines for when everything needs to be done...  honest gov!!!!

Anyway - I promise to come & break these goals down and share them properly with you, but you need to share your goals for 2012 with me!  Let's support each other to achieving them!

 Right now, I wish you all a Happy New Year! xxx

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