Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year!!

Time for a catch up I think!!

So, when I last posted, we'd not long moved house....

Now, I have a new job (working p/t in a store cafe with very lovely, if ever so slightly nutty colleagues!) and we have a new kitten - a dark grey/black striped feisty little thing called Noodle... He's completely insane (fits in well round here then!) and has a penchant for attacking feet - ouch!

Christmas was noisy (although it could have been noisier I guess - Nikki was ill so not his usual boisterous self) but we have 4 little boys who are very happy with what they were brought by Santa, so that's all good.

As for New Year - all quiet on the Western Front here - hubby fell asleep in front of Alice in Wonderland but was persuaded to wake up to actually see the New Year in, we were permitted a "lie-in" by the kids (if 8am can be classed as a lie-in!) and we had a walk on the beach...  it's a far cry from the days BC when we'd be crawling home at 5am!!!

Ah well!  Catch ya later blog-spotters...

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